May 16, 2022

RemoteLinc 2 Wireless Switch


Have you ever been in a room where you really wanted to control the lights but the switch was somewhere else? Well, with an Insteon RemoteLinc 2 wireless switch and a control module with dual band wireless capabilities you can! How about having a switch clipped to the visor in your vehicle that will activate a lighting "scene" that turns on your driveway lights, garage lights, and the outdoor … [Read more...]

New! Insteon High Current Module

New! Insteon In-LineLink

If you use Insteon products in your home or business you may find this interesting. SmartHome has just introduced a new control module for high current control! The new In-LineLinc Relay (Dual Band) is a direct wire device for controlling lighting circuits with up to 1800 watts or appliances up to 20 amps draw. The Dual Band feature lets you do it remotely over a wireless connection. The … [Read more...]