May 16, 2022

Automating your home with PowerHome2


When I first entered the world of Home Automation, it was at the request of one of my security customers. They had their home fully automated with Insteon and many aspects directly tied into their security system. Their HA provider moved out-of-state and they needed someone to step in and take over maintenance of their system. Their system revolved around a combination of different technologies … [Read more...]

RemoteLinc 2 Wireless Switch


Have you ever been in a room where you really wanted to control the lights but the switch was somewhere else? Well, with an Insteon RemoteLinc 2 wireless switch and a control module with dual band wireless capabilities you can! How about having a switch clipped to the visor in your vehicle that will activate a lighting "scene" that turns on your driveway lights, garage lights, and the outdoor … [Read more...]

New! Insteon High Current Module

New! Insteon In-LineLink

If you use Insteon products in your home or business you may find this interesting. SmartHome has just introduced a new control module for high current control! The new In-LineLinc Relay (Dual Band) is a direct wire device for controlling lighting circuits with up to 1800 watts or appliances up to 20 amps draw. The Dual Band feature lets you do it remotely over a wireless connection. The … [Read more...]

Advantages in having a smart home

So here I am, sitting in a hotel room on a business trip. One of the many advantages in having a "smart home" is the ability to do things at home while away. My trip was somewhat unexpected. It came about while I was on the road today and was re-directed on an emergency call in another city. As I sit here in my hotel, I find I have many options to log into my home to update the status of … [Read more...]