May 16, 2022

New! Insteon High Current Module

New! Insteon In-LineLinc

New high current relay available

If you use Insteon products in your home or business you may find this interesting.

SmartHome has just introduced a new control module for high current control! The new In-LineLinc Relay (Dual Band) is a direct wire device for controlling lighting circuits with up to 1800 watts or appliances up to 20 amps draw. The Dual Band feature lets you do it remotely over a wireless connection.

The In-LineLinc relay is capable of handling either 120, 240, or 277 VAC which makes it ideal for controlling large banks of lighting circuits in both residential and commercial applications. As with most all Insteon devices, this module can be programmed with the popular HouseLinc software or directly linked to any Insteon switch.