May 16, 2022

Advantages in having a smart home

So here I am, sitting in a hotel room on a business trip. One of the many advantages in having a “smart home” is the ability to do things at home while away.

My trip was somewhat unexpected. It came about while I was on the road today and was re-directed on an emergency call in another city. As I sit here in my hotel, I find I have many options to log into my home to update the status of certain control aspects.

One thing I did was shut down all charging stations in my apartment. I know it sounds small, but why waste the energy if your not there. Wall cubes and chargers do draw a bit of power, I have all of my chargers plugged into control modules and they are all grouped under one name in my home server. When I turn that group off, I turn off all chargers in all rooms.

Another feature is the ability to set back the thermostat for the AC unit. While I was online I also saw that my desk lamp was left on when I left this morning at 5:30. Normally, there is a timed routine that shuts the whole place down at 1:30am every night. This comes in handy if I fall asleep with the TV on.

There are many benefits in having a smart home, I’ll be using this site to feature ideas and products to do just that. Stay tuned for more info.




  1. Awesome article and site! I am planning on buying my own home and would love to control everything from outside of the home. These days with all this technology, I could have a smart home. Thanks for this site and for sharing this info. I am a female and I am single. I don’t remember everything i do in my apartment but once I get a house, it could be a challenge.

    I would love to turn off my stove or check and make sure I didn’t leave it on. Also, when I travel, I don’t unplug anything. Why waste energy as you mentioned. I would also like to have a sensor in my apartment that (which does exist as an app), will tell me and show me any movement (in or outside) the area of my house. You never know who would like to visit these days. I rather be safe than sorry.

  2. Thanks Jackie

    Everything in my apartment is electric and since I started using Insteon I have reduced my electric bills substantially. I programmed the switch at my front door to send a command with a double tap off that shuts down all controlled lights and outlets. Now, all those chargers for cell phones and other gadgets are only on while I’m home and need them.

    I also have a macro programmed that turns off all lights and the home theater at 1:30 am every morning in case I fall asleep with everything on.