May 16, 2022

About This Site

For over ten years I have worked as a service technician in the home security, fire alarm, video surveillance, and access control industry. A few years back I was asked to take over maintenance and programming of a home automation system for one of my clients. It was built upon the Insteon technology that utilizes communication over  power lines which is an excellent alternative for adding Home Automation features to an existing home without modifying its infrastructure.

Since then I have really grown to appreciate the functions and control available. As a learning platform, I even integrated it into my own two bedroom apartment where I experiment with new devices and use it as a test bed for new projects and features for my clients.

I feel the best feature of Insteon is that with little expense or modification of your home, you can build a sophisticated home automation and control network for your home and add features to your home that were once only available to a select few.

Affiliate Disclosure

Please note that this website occasionally uses affiliate programs for monetization. This means that at certain times I will include links to sites that could result in a commission being credited to this website. I have chosen to only link to sites or items that I have personally used or have a good working knowledge of because credibility is important to me. Some of the affiliate programs that I use are, Commission Junction, StudioPress, and maybe more in the future.

With these affiliate links I will in no way receive any commission by you simply visiting a site, it would only apply if you chose to purchase anything from those before mentioned sites. If you feel that this practice is in any way inappropriate please feel free to use our “Contact Us” page and let me know.